Winter Weather Preparedness

As the oak leaves continue to fall and cut fields have a morning frost on them, it becomes a vibrant reminder that winter weather is just around the corner... and the time to prepare for winter weather is now.

Allen County residents know that severe winter storms are a possibility each year.  Heavy snow fall, freezing rain, ice and dangerously cold temperatures are all possible so taking appropriate steps to prepare for these hazards can help reduce the risk of life-threatening situations and costly damage.

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One step that Hoosiers can take to prepare their homes for winter is ridding gutters of debris or leaves before snow and ice accumulate. When gutters are clogged and the ice and snow from winter storms melt, water can back up and flow beneath a roof, causing costly water damage. A way to prevent debris and leaf build-up is to purchase a screen to cover the gutters.

We also recommend removing dead branches from trees surrounding the home. Ice and snow can weigh down branches which can lead to them snapping and damaging property.

As winter arrives, homeowner insurance policies should be reviewed to ensure that coverage is adequate for the winter weather that occurs in Indiana each year.

To learn more about winter weather precautions and preparedeness visit the Ready website for Winter Weather 

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Then throughout the winter, follow the  Indiana Department of Transportation INDOT Travel Information and your preferred local media on social media for the latest weather and travel conditions information.

Indiana uses a standardized tool for assessing winter weather travel conditions. This system consists of 3 levels.  These levels are designed to help provide residents with accurate and actionable information so that you can make an informed decision about your personal travel during inclement winter weather.  Read more about the Travel Advisory System here.


If You See Something - Say Something

If you see something

If you see something suspicious, contact our office or local law enforcement. If danger is imminent, call 911.  Our community is safer when we work together.